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Soon I Must Tackle This Beast


I am unsure of where to begin but I figure that something this gigantic (~7 lbs) was a good way to restart posting on the blog.
My goal this fall is to try each winter squash I can get my hands on inspired by this Chow post. There is a stuffed carnival squash post in the works and everything else will come as I explore. I am excited to get back in to this and hope to learn more about these winter beauties (even the ugly beauties).

If anyone has any suggestions for this Hubbard let me know, until then it will stare menacingly from its perch on the counter.

Best Crackers Ever.


Holy crap these things are incredible. I can only find them in this ginormous bag at Costco but it’s worth every penny of the $7.00 for the bag. They’re gluten free, kosher, and as far as I can tell vegan. Most importantly they are tasty!

Today I used them to devour Falling Leaves jam from Doves and Figs over goat cheese. Delicious!