Mexican Coke (the Legal Kind)

Feeling Randy I bought a Coke and a Fanta at the grocery store this weekend. I’m not normally a soda person, preferring to get my excess calories from fun stuff like cake, but occasionally I make an exception for Mexican Coca-Cola products.


How is it possible that these are so much better than their American counterparts? I find Coke sickly sweet and Fanta makes my teeth hurt but these manage to be sweet and refreshing. That may have something to do with their small, by American standards, bottle size as well since they click in at 355 ml they are the same size as cans making them easier to consume in a sitting than HFCS sweetened versions. I know that the corn industry insists they are the same but I do not agree.


Come on America, we can do better! We shouldn’t have to import decent junk food from Mexico. On the other hand thank you for keeping my soda consumption to a minimum.

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