White beans!

This is my first post so I’m going to take it nice and easy. Let’s start things off with one of my favorite things in the world, beans! Today I’m making white kidney / cannellini beans which are delicious in so many applications.

You will need:

1 lb dried white beans

1 medium white onion, rough chopped

3 cloves garlic, crushed

1 28oz can whole tomatoes

1 Tbs dried thyme

1 sprig fresh rosemary

Water, lots

1 Tbs red wine vinegar

Salt, black, and red pepper to taste

As always, pick through the beans discarding any broken or super fugly beans and make sure there are no stones anywhere. That’s never fun, trust. Then rinse the beans well to remove any leftover uh…agricultural byproducts =/

After picking and rising I toss in to my trusty dutch oven adding everything but the salt, tomatoes, and vinegar which you never want to add in the beginning, those we’ll save those for later. I save the fresh rosemary for the end as well, it just looks better to me, do as you see fit. Top with water to cover by at least two and a half inches.

Cover the pot and put on to boil. Let the beans boil for least 10 minutes, then turn the heat down and let it simmer away. YMMV, mine usually cook for about an hour to two hours keep an eye on them once in a while and test a spoonful of beans for doneness. If more are done than not add your tomatoes, vinegar, and salt, stir and bring back to a simmer until everything is heated through.

Serve with crusty bread and a shaving of parmesan cheese or keep it vegan and serve atop a lightly dressed spinach salad. You can even drain the bean liquor (heh), reserving 1/2 C or so, and blitz the beans in a food processor to make a yummy dip. Use the reserved liquor to adjust the consistency of your dip.


Salt and acid can toughen beans so save them for the last stages of cooking for best results. I’ve attempted to use both in order to stretch cooking times with mixed results.

When salting don’t be shy, salt to taste but 1 tbs will not cut it; beans are bland and need some help.

Soaking…yeah I don’t do it but I’m at sea level and for some reason they cook ridiculously fast here. If you want to soak, do so 🙂 I’ve had success with heating beans to boiling then turning off the heat and leaving for a few hours before cooking so you may want to try that. If you do soak feel free to salt the soaking water but remember to change the water out before cooking or you may be unhappy with the results.

5 responses to “White beans!

  1. Great first post Daniel! Glad you finally made a blog!!!

  2. I made red lentils today in a slow cooker, inspired by your post. Cheers for that!

  3. Well done sir.

  4. This sounds delish!! Will try soon, thanks.

  5. Definitely trying these!

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